Hi! Name is Anton.
I fuse thai language learning and IT skill into one. Welcome.

Thai Alphabet

Web app with voiced over tiles for consonants, vowels, digits, tone marks and other glyphs. It is featured with sorting and filtering, multiple notations for transcribed text and so on.

Alphabet samples for handwriting

There is PDF document. Print and practice thai writing. The most common printer will do.

Download here

Typing simulator

There is a web-page with input field. It has faded letters on the background as a task. Open it in a browser and practice typing using thai keyboard.

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Anki-cards for studying book in ProLanguage

ProLanguage is an offline school located in Bangkok where I am myself used to take a studying course. I created a few decks to follow the studying book.

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Anki-карточки для учебника Липилиной И.Н.

Учебник тайского языка: Вводный курс – один из немногочисленных учебников на русском языке. По ходу прохождения всех 14-ти уроков я создал карточки для изучения слов, чтения, аудирования и тренировки печати.

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